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AdStrive is a Berlin-based performance marketing agency specialising in international SEA and PPC marketing. We are an international team consisting of experienced founders and highly qualified employees as well as talents from all over the world.

With flexibility, curiosity and passion, we are constantly working - today, tomorrow and beyond - on our mission to make products, brands and people more visible in the digital space and bring them together in the real world. We are united by our common mission:

„We Strive for Excellence in Digital Advertising“

AdStrive has been absolutely the right

choice as a strategic advisor around our global PPC strategy. The professional and pragmatic approach convinces us and helps to optimally leverage the advertising channel as well as to unlock synergies within the group.“

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Our Expertise at a Glance

Search ads on Google or Microsoft

The power of pull marketing

Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising offer advertisers the opportunity to target users who are looking for information, products or services.

Search ads offer many advantages:

  • Reach users at the moment of search
  • Targeted user approach
  • Placement at the top of the search results
  • Suitable for almost any target group
  • High conversion rates through pull marketing

Display & YouTube

Generate branding & attention

Display advertising and YouTube ads help attract more attention to your products! Precise targeting of relevant target groups leads to more new customers and ensures increased attention among existing customers.

Benefits of Display Advertising::

  • Reach new and existing customers
  • Emotional appeal to the target group through images and videos
  • Reach the target group at the right moment
  • Performance-based targeting through high transparency
  • High reach at a low cost

Mobile Marketing

Targeted advertising for apps and mobile applications

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Google or in the App Store: with mobile marketing you can achieve more app downloads, registrations or in-app purchases. AdStrive supports you in promoting your iOS or Android application.

Mobile Marketing offers you::

  • More app downloads or in-app purchases
  • Targeting of mobile users
  • Increased reach for apps and mobile applications
  • Targeting of iOS and Android users

Amazon Advertising

Generate more sales on Amazon

Generates more sales on Amazon On Amazon, you reach users who already have a concrete interest in buying. Increase reach and purchases for your products with Amazon Advertising!

Amazon Ads at a glance:

  • Higher visibility of your products
  • More purchases and higher sales on Amazon
  • Targeted optimisation according to ACoS
  • Advertising on product pages and in Amazon search
  • Sponsored Products, Brands or Display Ads

Performance Social Ads (Paid Social)

The platform for your target group

Whether Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or LinkedIn: with us you are where your target group is! Together, we are guaranteed to reach your potential customers through social media advertising. Increase your reach through advertising on social networks.

Advantages of Paid Social:

  • Targeted approach to reach your target group
  • Guaranteed reach on social media
  • Transparent optimisation according to ROAS or CPA
  • Flexible budgets
  • Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest or LinkedIn

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

The perfect website or landing page

No purchase and no lead without a suitable landing page! Together we create the perfect page for your product or service. With A-B testing and CRO audit, you get more sales from your website traffic.

CRO offers you:

  • An increase in the conversion rate
  • More sales with the same traffic
  • A perfectly tuned landing page
  • Data-based recommendations for website design

Kai RIeke / Consultant

"AdStrive is a thoroughly professionally run agency, with very competent team - performance marketing experts from the start. Deliver brilliantly!"

Proven excellent quality

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Our performance over the last 10 years speaks for itself


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150+ million EUR of spendings managed


Trained Employees

More than 80 young professionals & trainees trained

Smart people with whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the last 15 years in a wide variety of areas. They have repeatedly proven that they understand exactly how efficient and high-reach advertising works in the digital environment.

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Andre Alpar

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