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What's new in the SEA and Paid Social world? In our monthly update, we briefly and succinctly summarise which innovations and changes have been keeping us busy and what is changing as a result.

Google Ads Updates

Performance Max campaigns for all & goodbye Smart Shopping

Google has announced that the "relatively" new campaign format "Performance Max" will now launch for all advertisers. Since June 2021, the campaign type was only available in Open Beta.

What makes the Performance Max campaign so special? It combines different playout formats such as the search network, display, discovery, YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps. As you can see, it combines newer elements like Discovery campaigns and old campaign types (Gmail) that we can no longer launch as stand-alone campaigns.

Google Ads Performance Max Kampagnen Ausspielungsformate
Source: Google Ads Blog

Source: Google Ads Blog The Performance Max campaign is a highly automated campaign and leaves you as an advertiser less room for optimisation. Also campaign insights are still limited.

In addition, Google has dropped the next bombshell:

"After strong beta results, Performance Max campaigns will roll out to all advertisers around the world starting today. They will also become the next generation of Smart Shopping and Local campaigns, which will both upgrade to Performance Max next year."

Google Ads Blog: Eduardo Indacochea, Sr. Director, Product Management

With this announcement, we will not only have to say goodbye to ETA's (Enhanced Text Ads) in 2022, but also to Smart Shopping as we know it. Exact details for this update have not yet been announced by Google.

More information on the official Google Ads & Commerce Blog:

Asset library

Google Ads has released a new feature, the "Asset Library". You can find it under "Tools and Settings" in the "Shared Library" menu item.

Die neue Google Ads Asset Bibliothek
Source: Google Ads

Behind the feature is:

  • An overview of all stored assets of your Display Ads from the account.
  • The overview is filterable and you can filter by name, type, creation date and other options.
  • So that it doesn't result in pure chaos, you have the option of creating folders or uploading directly.
  • What is missing is any data and insights into the performance of the individual creatives.
  • Integrated YouTube videos are also not listed.

Enhancement of the image extension

Google introduces several improvements for the image extensions. The extension type should now be even more user-friendly and reach more potential customers.

1. Playout on desktop devices
With the update, the extension will also be presented on computer ads and not only on mobile devices as before.

Google Ads Bilderweiterung in der Desktop Ansicht
Source: Google Ads Help

2. Extension of dynamic image extensions in any language
The dynamic image extensions were previously only available in English. Now the extension should be available for all languages.

3. Use of stock photos
Google wants to make it easier for all advertisers to use the image extension and introduces the possibility for stock photos. Google Ads allows you to select stock images from a database for free.

Facebook Ads Updates

Targeting restrictions for advertisements

Targeting restrictions on ads From January 19, 2022, Meta is restricting targeting options on Facebook Ads. The update also affects Meta's other platforms such as Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network.

Affected by the restrictions are options in specific targeting. The following targeting options will no longer be available on 19.01.2022:

  • Health causes (cancer, diabetes)
  • Sexual orientation (LGBTIQ+, same-sex marriage)
  • Religious practices and groups (Jewish holidays, Ramadan)
  • Political beliefs, social issues, causes, organisations and personalities.

The reason for the measures is that Meta has been receiving ongoing criticism for its current targeting options. Facebook wants to provide a better experience for people from underrepresented groups by excluding perceived sensitive options. It also aims to prevent the misuse of targeting.

Along with the adjustment, users should have more control over what ads they want to see in the future.

More information in the official Meta for Business blog post:

Facebook Simplifies Campaign Goals

Facebook has announced that they will be adjusting the goals in the Ads Manager. The purpose of this measure is that you can now align campaign goals even better with your business goals.

When creating new campaigns, you will now have 6 campaign goals to choose from instead of the old 14. Existing campaigns can remain active. You do not have to make any adjustments here. However, existing campaigns can only be edited and duplicated until the end of 2021.

Alte Facebook Ads Kampagnenziele
Source: Facebook Ads Interface

 The six new campaign goals are:

  1. Awareness (brand awareness & reach)
  2. Traffic (traffic)
  3. Interactions (interactions, video views, messages & conversions)
  4. Leads (lead generation, messaging & conversions)
  5. App promotion (app installs)
  6. Revenue (conversions, catalogue sales & store traffic)
Neue Facebook Ads Kampagnenziele
Source: Adseed Blog

What changes with the new campaign goals?

For many of the new goals, you will now need to select the conversion location. More specifically, this means that you will need to specify the location in which the desired business outcome should be achieved. As an example, Facebook lists:

"For example, if you create a campaign with the goal "Leads", you can set "Website", "Instant Forms", "Messenger", "Phone" or "App" as the conversion location."

Facebook for Business Update

Following this change, and depending on the conversion location, the conversion event is then determined. With the conversion event, Facebook can identify which action the target group should take at the respective conversion location.

Facebook also points out that you do not have several conversion events to choose from for all conversion locations, as some locations are only eligible for certain events. Here's another example from Facebook to help you choose:

"Let's say your goal with your leads campaign is to encourage people to contact your business through your website. Then you would logically set your website as the conversion location and select "Contact" as your conversion event. However, in this case, you also have "Lead", "Submit Application" and "Schedule Appointment" as alternative conversion events to choose from."

Facebook for Business Update

More information at the official Facebook Business Help Center:


Seen in one of our Facebook accounts, Facebook is now making recommendations on ads. Facebook itself says: "Consider recommendations that we believe are likely to improve your ad performance."

So by "believe" and "likely" the recommendations are not a guarantee of increased ad performance.

Facebook Anzeigenempfehlungen
Quelle: Facebook Ads

Amazon PPC Updates

Portfolios for Sponsored Display

We have waited a long time for this. Now they are here - the Portfolios for Sponsored Display Ads! As of now, advertisers finally have the possibility to add their Sponsored Display Ads to a portfolio.

Amazon Ads Sponsored Display Portfolio
Source: Amazon Sponsored Display campaign creation

What portfolios are useful for:

  • Simplified Campaign Management
  • Clarity & multi-brand management can be broken down by products, brands and seasonal areas and separate considerations can be made
  • Budget limits for individual portfolios
  • View overall performance with portfolio reports
  • Optimised billing by portfolio

Microsoft Ads Updates

Bing launches Ethical Shopping Hub in the UK

In early December, Bing launched its Ethical Shopping Hub. This allows users to shop for eco-friendly, upcycled or fair trade fashion. Currently, the version is only available for the desktop in the UK. Bing is aiming to expand to the US in 2022.

Der neue Ethical Shopping Hub von Bing
Source: Microsoft Bing Blogs

Currently, the Ethical Shopping Hub is limited to the fashion industry. However, Microsoft is considering expanding the Hub to other categories. This next step offers ethical companies an opportunity to present their products and their values to the users.

We are curious to know when Microsoft will roll out the Ethical Shopping Hub in Germany and when they will make a category expansion.

More information on the Microsoft Bing Blogs:

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