Februar SEA & Social News
February SEA & Social News

February is over and we have compiled the most important SEA & Paid Social news for you.
In our monthly update article, we summarise briefly and succinctly which innovations and changes have kept us busy and what has changed for you on the platforms.

Automatic tagging for free entries

Since the beginning of February, automatic tagging has also been available for free shopping listings on Google. Until recently, advertisers could only activate automatic tagging for paid ads on Google Ads.

The update makes it possible to analyse the behaviour of traffic that comes via free shopping entries more precisely in analytics tools such as Google Analytics and then make targeted optimisations to entries.

This is how to activate it:
Settings in the Google Merchant Center -> Conversion settings -> on

Screenshot vom Google Merchant Center für die Auto-tagging Einstellung
Source: Google Merchant Center Interface

More information is available in the Google Support article:


Update on the Google Partners programme - more benefits for partners and premium partners

Member, Partner and Premium Partner - these are the 3 levels of the Google Partners programme. With the adjusted requirements to fulfil, Google also announced new benefits.

The starting credit for eligible accounts of new customers is increased from € 75 to € 400. New customer accounts (first impression within the last 14 days) now have 60 instead of 30 days to spend €400.

The advertising offers are reserved for Google Partners and Premium Partners. The customer's management account should belong to the premium partner or affiliate.
AdStrive is qualified!

More information about the Google Partners programme is available here:


Hierarchy for ad extensions irrelevant as of mid-March

Currently, the ad extensions added at the account level are not shown in the search results if there are other ad extensions at a lower level (campaign, ad group).

From mid-March, all ad extensions, no matter what level, will be able to show up in search results. This means that account managers will have to check the usefulness of ad extensions at the account level (e.g. old messages or German ad extensions at the account level if we also have Dutch campaigns in the account) and clean them up if necessary.

Neue grafische Google Ads Anzeigenerweiterung Hierarchie
Source: Google Support Post

More information can be found in the official Google support article:


Meta Updates

Number of conversions not tracked by iOS update drops from 15% to 8%.

Compared to September, the proportion of untracked or unreported iOS website conversions has halved, Meta said. The development of new solutions has contributed to this, but the most important reason is an increasing number of advertisers implementing the new best practices.

Die Best Practices hat Meta in einem neuen Guide zusammengefasst.
Dazu gehört die Implementierung des Conversion APIs, Konsolidierung der Anzeigengruppen, Domainverifizierung und Auswahl der zu trackenden Ereignisse.

Further insights into the best practices:


Appeal on the new agreement on data transfer to the USA and possible withdrawal from Europe

In its latest annual report, the group shares that Meta is unlikely to be able to "offer a number of our key products and services, including Facebook and Instagram, in Europe" unless there is a "new transatlantic framework for data transfer".

The issue is the transfer of personal data to the US and different data protection standards in the US and the European Union. Google and other companies have made similar appeals. Currently, however, there are no signs of an imminent solution to the data transfer. Meta stressed afterwards that the announcement was not a threat.

The Tagesspiegel has written an interesting article on the news:


Meta has also taken a stand on the issue.

LinkedIn Updates

No more sponsored messages in the EU

Following the recent ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), LinkedIn has stopped delivering native ads in the Inbox for European Union residents as of mid-January. Other ad types will remain.

This is what an example looks like:

Beispiel LinkedIn Sponsored Message Anzeige
Source: LinkedIn News Interface

Additional information on the update is available here:


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