Experienced Agency Founders enter Performance Marketing Market

Berlin, 01.09.2021. You can't do without visibility in the digital space: the new performance marketing agency AdStrive, based in Berlin, provides companies with precisely this necessity. AdStrive specialises in SEA and PPC marketing and starts with an international team of eight digital experts. Behind the new agency are Claudius Herz and Maik Metzen, two managing directors with years of experience in the industry. Herz has held several executive positions in digital marketing on the corporate side, while Metzen, as one of the AKM3 founders, has helped build one of the most successful German SEO agencies. Together they have been running the voice agency Beyto for two years, which they were able to establish as the first address for projects involving intelligent voice assistants shortly after its founding. With AdStrive, the two agency heads want to build on this success story and also set new standards in the dynamically growing market for performance marketing.

The new agency scores not only with an experienced team, but also with an existing client base: AdStrive is a spin-off of the successful SEO and content marketing agency Claneo, which serves a large number of internationally renowned brands and companies with over 70 employees. Magdalena Mues from Claneo explains the decision for the spin-off: "We are convinced that only specialised agencies can keep up with the pace of the market. Claneo's focus is on increasing organic reach with SEO measures and content strategies. Spinning off the PPC marketing division is a logical step for us in order to be able to concentrate even more on our core fields in the future."

Specialised agencies as a concept for success: this is also what the two AdStrive founders as well as digital marketing expert Andre Alpar rely on. As an investor in Claneo, Beyto and now AdStrive, he consistently invests in strategically relevant marketing areas: "Claneo is working on intelligent pull strategies with SEO and content marketing, while AdStrive will develop efficient push strategies with SEA and PPC marketing. Beyto, on the other hand, is already driving one of the most important future fields in digital with Voice." The three agencies act independently of each other, but benefit from their network, which has its beginnings with the AKM3 foundation. Andre Alpar says: "Together with Magdalena Mues, Matthäus Michalik and Martin Grahl - the founding team of Claneo - as well as with Maik Metzen, I spent many years building up the agency AKM3, which we then sold to Publicis. Claneo and Beyto are also joint success stories. We all know how to successfully build an agency business."

Maik Metzen (left) and Claudius Herz,
founders and managing directors of the new Performance Marketing Agency AdStrive

"Excellence in Digital Advertising" is their mission: Claudius Herz and Maik Metzen want to make AdStrive one of the leading performance marketing agencies in Germany. It is particularly important to them to share their knowledge at conferences and in professional articles, as they have already been doing on the topic of intelligent voice assistants. They will continue to run their voice agency Beyto, as Claudius Herz explains: "Beyto is excellently positioned for the future, also thanks to the acquisition of Digivoice. Its founder Daniel Mittendorf is not only an excellent developer, but a true voice pioneer. As CTO, he is now propelling Beyto forward. We are already implementing Amazon's lighthouse projects and working for clients such as Bayer, BOSCH and ARD. With Beyto, we are at the forefront when it comes to developing the voice market in Germany. And we are sure that we will also play such a leading role in the performance marketing market with AdStrive."

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